Gottsburen, Germany, home of our Lipps family

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Putting this website together has been a labor of love. I've always wanted to know about my father's family. The records and pictures on this website have been gathered over many years. In so doing, many interesting facts and stories have been found. Our family comes from Ireland, Germany, England and Scotland. The oldest records date from 1601 and were gathered by a cousin living in Germany. Our ancestors come from many walks of life and occupations. They have been involved with shipping in Ohio, Washington D.C. and St. Louis, Missouri and Quincy, Illinois. They have settled in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, Nevada and California. They have had relationships with important leaders of our country.There is much more to do and at this point in time not all the information has been put on this website.

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feature 1 Lipps Family Our Lipps family begins with William Ernst Lipps who stowed away on a ship from Germany in 1839 and settled in Gonzales, Texas raising
11 children.

feature 2 McKissick Family Our McKissick family lived in Bosque County, Texas. This line begins with Elizabeth R. Barry's grandmother on the paternal side.

feature 1 Barry Family Our Barry family came from Ireland and helped settle Washington D.C.

feature 4 Hall Family Our Hall family begins when Lillie Coghill marries James Truett Hall after the death of John Hawkins who was from Devonport, Devon, England.
Hall and Hawkins Families.

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Whats New: More information has been found on Charles Lipps, son of William Ernst Lipps. The story told by a grandson of Otis Lipps, the youngest brother of Charles is that he headed with others on the Chisholm Trail herding cattle. Evidently, he ended up in Lumberton, New Mexico. The story is that Otis Lipps was with Charles but the town or area was too wild for him so he left and Charles remained. In April of 1897, While Charles was living in Lumberton, working as a shoemaker, he had a quarrel in Cooper's saloon over a trivial matter. Charles challenged Emmet Wirt to a duel. Emmet pulled his gun on Charles and killed him. Wirt was arrested but later aquitted as self defense. He later became a very well known merchant and worked with the Indians.

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